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Chernobyl - Twenty Years, Twenty Lives is a photo documentary journey through the countries of the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, France, and UK. It follows twenty people in their daily lives nowadays and reflects on how they changed after the Chernobyl catastrophe twenty years ago on 26th April 1986.

Their opinions on the significance of the accident are as different as the groups that they represent. Nevertheless all the participants irrespective of their position in the society and education have an equal opportunity to express their attitudes towards the events in Chernobyl.

The exhibition will be shown in a number of countries during April 2006 and online at



Chornobyl today. Remembrance for the Future. The pictures of Vaclav Vasku (Czech Republik) give some impressions on how the area around the nuclear power plant in Chornobyl looked like after the accident. More information: