Excursion to the Chornobyl Zone on 22 April, 2006


Registration for the Chornobyl exclusive zone is closed.

If you had registrated for the trip, but did not send us your passport data till April,14 you will not be able to go with us on April 22, 2006.

You will be provided with coordinational details of registrated participants by e-mail you desisnated in registration for the Conference.

In connection with the conference, an excursion is being organized to the so-called exclusion zone.

The day-long trip will take place already on Saturday, 22 and will lead to some or all of the following sites:

• Observation ground for “Shelter” object.
• Excursion around the ruins of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP)
• Information center of ChNPP
• Chernobyl Town.
• Pripyat town, which was evacuated only days after the explosion
• Villages of exclusion zone (+ self-settled villages).
• “Burial place” of Chernobyl’s technique

The tour costs 25 Euro and is charged separately from the registration fee.The Conference do not have possibility to cover participants expenses for the trip.

Please register for the conference, where you can tell us about your wish to go on this trip.

View from Hotel Polissya in the town of Prypjat to the reactor site