"Nuclear Power – Myth and Reality" contains the following papers:

Issue paper 1. Nuclear Power – Myth and Reality. The risks and prospects of nuclear power. By Gerd Rosenkranz

Issue Paper No. 2. Nuclear Reactor Hazards: What are the old and new types of reactor? By Anthony Frogatt

Issue Paper No. 3. Nuclear Fuel Cycle. By Peter Diehl/Jürgen Kreusch, Gruppe Ökologie

Issue Paper No. 4. Nuclear Energy and Proliferation: What is the connection between the civil and military use of nuclear power. By Otfried Nassauer, BITSUN Climate Change Conference 2005 UN Climate Change Conference 2005

Issue Paper No. 5. The Economics of Nuclear Power: Is nuclear power economically viable? What are the insecurities in such calculations? By Steve Thomas, University of Greenwich

Issue Paper No. 6. Climate Change: Does nuclear power offer a solution to climate change? By Felix. Ch. Matthes. Ökoinstitut.

The Other Report on Chernobyl" (TORCH).
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TORCH Summary and Conclusions (.pdf)
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The Concept of Non-nuclear Development of the Power Industry of Ukraine (.pdf)