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Participants Registration

You can register for the Chornobyl+20: Remembrance for the Future conference here. The conference will take place April 23-25 at the House of the Teacher in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The conference fee is 50 Euros, which includes lunch on April 24 and 25. Accommodations are separate. Lodging in Kyiv generally runs anywhere from 30 to 300 Euros per night, depending on the venue. We can assist you with finding suitable lodging if needed. Dinners can range from about 4 Euros in popular cafeterias to the stratosphere, depending on your tastes.

A limited amount of financial assistance is available for conference attendees, especially from Eastern Europe/NIS countries and developing countries. If you are applying for financial assistance, please indicate so, how much assistance you would need, and what the assistance would be for.

If you are ready to register and pay conference fee now with you credit card through secure server click here: Register here

If you are not ready to pay yet, but want to pre-register for conference and pay later, or pay other way than credit card, please fill in the form below:


* Full Name:
* Address:
* City:
* Postal/Zip Code:
* Country:

* Phone Number:
Fax Number:
* Email Address:
* Are you applying for financial assistance?
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If so, how much money is needed? For what purpose?
" size="40"/>
* Do you want help with finding lodging?
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If so, please indicate dates:
What topics are of most interest to you?
Please mark with 5 being your highest priority and 1 being of lowest interest to you.
  " size="2"/> Chornobyl consequences
" size="2"/> Nuclear power and climate change
" size="2"/> Nuclear power safety
" size="2"/> Radioactive Waste
" size="2"/> Nuclear power economics
" size="2"/> Building a Sustainable Energy future
" size="2"/> Grassroots networking
Other: " size="40"/>